Build a Secure Future.

We help companies secure their digital environment, protect institutions from external attacks and develop solutions for governments.



Detect weak points to better understand attacks. Analyze entry points to detect intrusion vectors.



To propose a personalized support solution to each actor in its cyber defense strategy.



Implement actions and training to prevent cyber threats and propose IT security solutions.


Our expertise

Devices security

Storage and data

Network security and management

Audits and trainings

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Our products

Secure Smartphones

Cassembly Cyberdefense innovation, we offer secure smartphones to benefit from the best possible mobile protection for your daily use.

Secure Emails

Secure Computers & Tablets

Intelligent firewall by AI

Audit & Website Protection

Audit your web infrastructure and protect yourself with C-Shield, secure your site and protect your reputation.

Secure Cloud

Discover C-Store, the new Cassembly Cyberdéfense store

A selection of antivirus, productivity and management software at negotiated discount prices.

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Une entreprise 🇫🇷 au heart of your needs

Because protecting IT devices is essential, but sometimes requires technical skills to implement, Cassembly supports companies with simple solutions and training to understand the issues.

Our teams answer you every day, in case of an attack or simple questions.

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